About Mental Balance

Our goal is to help people, men in particular, acknowledge, understand and win their mental battles. What happens in you is more important than what happens to you.

With everything going on in the world people are feeling more lonely and overwhelmed than ever before. Unfortunately, most become prisoners of their own minds. Especially after dealing with a traumatic experience. As people we experience mixed emotions, flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts about our traumas - PTSD. But we are never alone.

Mental Balance does not operate on the idea of good or bad, but instead we accept that there will always be both, so we focus on the balance. We are creating a platform to address the issues of men's mental health in an open forum. Hearing from people who have been through traumatic experiences but were able to use that fuel to form positive outcomes. Whether that be internally within themselves, externally in their community or beyond with broader impact through entrepreneurship or business.

Speaking Engagements

Mental health is a difficult conversation to have, but it's these conversions that make a real difference in our communities. If you're interested in booking a speaking engagement, contact our team at info@hybridgarbs.com.